The spacious foyer is tastefully decorated and furnished and wraps around the Box Office and Bar area. The space contains the Cessnock Hall of Fame and is well lit with natural light from large windows at the front of the building. The space is suitable for special events and receptions.

Fees and Charges(PDF, 5MB) | Floor Plan(PDF, 89KB)

Health & safety notice

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the following hygiene measures are in place for venue hire: 

  • We ask that all attendees maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other, practice good hygiene by frequent hand washing and utilising the sanitising stations upon entering the venue. If you or any attendees are feeling unwell, we ask that you please stay at home. 
  • You must provide your own sanitising equipment and have hygiene procedures and protocols in place to hire any spaces within our facility. 
  • To ensure the safety of staff and participants, you must keep a register of all attendees and notify CPAC management immediately in the event that anyone in your group tests positive for COVID-19, so that we may initiate contact tracing and deep cleaning.

To align with NSW Government restrictions, the maximum number of people permitted in the foyer during this time is 70 and the maximum number of people permitted in the Hall of Fame area is 55 (with a combined total capacity of 125 people).


Make a booking

To make a booking, please contact us on (02) 4993 4266 or

If another client wishes to challenge your tentative pencilled date, we will notify you immediately and will need confirmation from you within 24 hours that you wish to proceed with your booking.

You will need to specify all technical and catering requirements as well as seating and table configuration, well in advance of your event. After the event, you will be issued an invoice from Cessnock City Council and the amount is payable within 7 days.