Mother & Son

15 July 2020

Produced by Jally Entertainment

She's back! Everyone’s favourite forgetful mum is headed to Cessnock!

From the creator of the hit TV series Mother & Son, comes a delightful stage comedy featuring Maggie, Arthur, Robert and Liz.

Geoffrey Atherden penned the first episodes in 1984 creating an instant classic, now many years later, he has done it again! Julie McGregor and Christopher Truswell will take on the roles made famous by Ruth Cracknell and Garry McDonald in this nostalgic trip down “loss-of-memory lane”.

Mother & Son reinvigorates a treasured Australian comedy icon with Atherden’s distinctive brand of acerbic wit, mixing together the sweet, the sharp, the savage and the sad in Maggie and Arthur’s complex, dysfunctional relationship. This freshened version of the beloved Logie Award-winning show finds long-suffering second son Arthur Beare hoping for the chance to finally take his new flame Anita away on a little holiday.

His only chance for a break however involves recruiting help from his successful but selfish brother Robert – but the firstborn favourite has enough on his hands. The philandering dentist has been doing distinctly unhygienic things with his hygienist – and when his wife finds out, Arthur’s troubles double as Robert lands on the doorstep. It doesn’t help that manipulative Maggie is in fine form and sabotaging Arthur’s chances of romance at every turn.


Wednesday, 15 July at 8pm


2 hours 10 minutes, including interval


“Mother & Son on stage is a social commentary on changing times. It is all about the art of ageing – and will succeed as long as we continue to laugh out loud (LOL) at ourselves.” - Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle

“The fine nuanced acting and direction are superb – comedy is all about timing, and there were no miss-hits in this production.” - SCENESTR

Online comments

“Great entertainment! Lots of laughs from the audience as all enjoyed it. Well paced throughout though naturally building up towards a climax of confusions!”

“Updated to the new millennium, gently paced comedy Mother & Son maintains a ready charm and a light, breezy air.”


Adult $55.00

Group 6+ $50.00

Concession/CPAC Member $48.00

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